Jon A. Peterka

Principal, Jon Peterka Engineering LLC

Co-founder and President Emeritus, CPP, Inc.
Wind Engineering Consultants
Fort Collins, Colorado.

Professor Emeritus, Fluid Mechanics and Wind Engineering Program
Department of Civil Engineering
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado


Ph.D. Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Brown University, 1968
M.S., B.S. Civil Engineering, Colorado State University, 1964, 1965


More than 45 years’ experience in wind-engineering applications and research. Evaluated over 1000 buildings and structures for wind loads (local cladding pressures and/or frame forces and moments) primarily through wind tunnel testing; evaluated pedestrian wind climate for many of these buildings; measured forces on numerous other structures including towers, stacks, bridges and solar collectors; defined snow loads for many structures; investigated pollutant dispersion from buildings and stacks; determined heat transfer rates from structure surfaces in the wind; helped define siting criteria for wind energy projects as well as wind tunnel and field testing for development of wind turbine technology; developed meteorological analysis procedures for power line rating; developed wind uplift model for asphalt shingles. He has performed forensic investigations of meteorological conditions and wind effects.

Dr. Peterka’s work in wind engineering includes membership on the national committee which writes the wind load provisions of the national wind load standard ASCE 7, development of the non-hurricane gust wind hazard map for the national wind load standard, consulting for the FAA on aircraft wind shear, participation in a National Research Council report to the U.S. Congress on wind damage, and Board of Directors of the Wind Engineering Research Council. Chairman of ASCE 49, an ASCE Standard committee on wind tunnel testing of structures. Research in wind engineering includes statistical characteristics of fluctuating pressures, adjacent building effects, wind flow around and downwind of buildings, natural ventilation, transport of snow and sand, siting criteria for anemometers, wind loads on asphalt shingles. Other experience includes three years experience in development of liquid rocket propulsion systems for the U.S. Army Missile Command.


  • Licensed Professional Engineer in Colorado, Florida, Texas, and Mississippi.
  • Organizational memberships include the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Association of Wind Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and National Society of Professional Engineers.
  • Professional committee activities within the American Society of Civil Engineers includes:
    • ASCE 7 Wind Load Subcommittee, member (1985-present);
    • Aerodynamics Committee, member (1978-2008), chairman (1984-1988);
    • Task Committee on Microclimate of Buildings, member (1980-1983);
    • Task Committee on Wind-Tunnel Testing of Structures, member (1981-1986, 1991-1994);
    • Task Committee on Wind Forces on Solar Collectors, member (1982-1988);
    • Task Committee on Mitigation of Severe Wind Damage, member (1985-1988);
    • Task Committee on Modeling of Blowing Snow and Sand, member (1985-1989);
    • Committee on Wind Effects, member (1982-1985, 1987-1993);
    • Executive Committee, Aerospace Division, member (1987-1992), chairman (1991);
  • ASCE 49 Standards Committee on Wind Tunnel Testing (1993-present), chairman (1993-present).
  • Other professional activity includes
    • Secretary/Treasurer of the Wind Engineering Research Council (predecessor of the American Society of Wind Engineers) (1979-1985), and board of directors (1979-1989);
    • National Research Council Panel on Wind Engineering (1987-1990).
    • Honorary societies include Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau and Chi Epsilon;
  • Awards include:
    • Two awards for excellence in teaching at Colorado State University
    • ASCE 1989 Aerospace Science and Technology Award
    • Wind Engineering Research Council 1990 Outstanding Wind Engineering Research Award
    • The ASCE 1999 Raymond C. Reese Research Prize
    • Engineering News Record Top 25 Newsmakers of 2006 award
    • American Society of Civil Engineers 2010 Cermak Medal
    • 2013 elected Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers Structural Engineering Institute
  • An incomplete list of some specific activities related to Wind Hazard Assessment and Mitigation –

    • Developed an anemometer siting guide for the Federal Aviation Administration
    • Developed the 3-second gust wind map that permitted ASCE 7 national wind load standard to move from a fastest mile map to a gust map – awarded the 1999 ASCE Raymond C. Reese Research Prize
    • Developed a 3-second gust design wind map of the down-slope windstorm region of northeast Colorado for use in local building codes
    • Assessment of wind damage at the Limon Tornado site
    • Assessment of wind damage at the Pingree Park tornado site
    • Assessment of wind damage after Hurricane Andrew
    • Participated in a National Research Council report to Congress on Natural Hazards
    • Lead investigator to develop a Monte Carlo simulation for design level hurricane winds in Hawaii and Guam under NASA sponsorship
    • Routinely develop risk analyses for clients for design against hurricanes and tornadoes
    • Participated in development of terrain-induced impacts for design against hurricane winds in Hawaii
    • Member of the ASCE 7 Wind Load Sub-Committee that writes the national wind load standard ASCE 7, and that forms the basis for the wind load provisions for the IBC building code
    • Chairman of the ASCE 49 standards committee standard of practice for wind tunnel testing of buildings for design wind loads
    • Lead investigator in development of a wind uplift model for asphalt shingles, permitting the development of high-wind resistant shingles
    • Lead investigator to develop a wind uplift test for asphalt shingles for Underwriters Laboratory and ASTM
    • Reviewer of submitted papers for Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Journal of Structural Engineering, and Wind and Structures
    • Advisory Committee for the research project on asphalt shingles at University of Florida